Presence Package


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Presence Package is a bundled package including: Social Media Accounts, Search Engine Submissions, Maps and Directories Submissions.


Elevate Your Digital Presence with Osom One’s Comprehensive Package

The Presence Package is a comprehensive bundle designed to enhance your online visibility and boost your business.

Here’s what it includes:

  1. Social Media Accounts:
    • Establish a strong presence on popular social platforms.
    • Engage with your audience, share updates, and build brand awareness.
  2. Search Engine Submissions (SEO Basic):
    • Ensure your website is indexed by search engines.
    • Improve your chances of appearing in search results.
  3. Maps and Directories Submissions (Local SEO):
    • Get listed on local directories and mapping services.
    • Enhance your visibility for local searches.
  4. Link to Your Website on
    • Leverage our platform to drive traffic to your site.
    • Benefit from exposure to a wider audience.

With the Presence Package, your business will be more visible online, reaching potential customers and driving growth.